Isabelle Kelly
Research associate

After completing a Psychology undergraduate degree at UCL, Isabelle pursued nutritional training and a Masters degree in Health Psychology at the University of Nottingham where her research focused on the facilitators of adopting a plant-based diet in patients with autoimmune diseases. Her passion for plant-based nutrition and its benefits for long-term wellbeing has been carried forward into her PhD studies at Leeds Beckett, focused on the promotion of healthy and sustainable diets in community settings. Isabelle also leads an Innovate UK nutritional behaviour change project, affiliated with Leeds Beckett University, Quorn Foods and weight management programme MoreLife to improve communications and service provision related to protein diversification for disadvantaged families affected by overweight and obesity. The partnership’s aims of understanding the barriers and facilitators of substituting excess meat consumption for alternative protein sources is a critical area for addressing the health and ecological obstacles faced by our growing and ageing population.