Sarah Linton
Zircon Management Consulting

Sarah has worked as the Director of Talent within Zircon Management Consulting Ltd since 2006, and recently co-founded BeTalent Limited, a talent software business. She has a combination of 20 years consulting and operational leadership experience. She is passionate about working with individuals and organisations to identify strengths and real-world solutions to talent challenges. When faced with seemingly unanswerable questions, Sarah and her team of business psychologists research current business thinking, occupational psychology theory and behaviour to identify the attributes associated with inspiration and success.

Sarah’s interests are in understanding the uniqueness of organisation culture, the influence of globalisation, digitisation, and how businesses can work with their people to create a positive environment leading to improved performance. With a commercial mind-set, Sarah and her team work with clients to understand the ROI associated with People Strategy, creating a compelling business case for investing in talent solutions.